About FireGirls™

They are the actual heroes in our daily struggle for life: the firefighters. They protect us from fire and save us from catastrophies who could otherwise cause our death. FireGirls™ is a homage for those men and women who regularly risk their lives to save us. 

The FireGirls’ mission is to enthuse and sensitise the world for the fire departments’ topics.


The FireGirls™ calendar, which ist he most successful firefighters‘ calendar of all time for already more than 10 years, shows the FireGirls™ in action. Only experienced models who are enthusiastic about the world of fire departments can receive the desired appellation ‚FireGirls™’. The pictures are taken in some of the world’s most beautiful and stunning settings.

The main focus is on the usage of realistic equipment and original fire department scenes. The high quality of both the pictures and models creates an unrivaled calendar.

FireGirls™ – Home of the Brave

FireGirls™, however, is more than just a calendar. FireGirls™ is a world in which you can have a closer view on Picture galleries, videos, backstage material and fan merchandise are a proof of the huge worldwide FireGirls™ community in over 30 countries, which is, like the FireGirls™, a dedication and tribute to the brave members of the firefighting brigades of the world. 

The message delivered to the fire departments via Internet, at events and through media is: ‚You are awesome, you save our lives, you are our heroes! Thank you for always being there for us!’


FireGirls™ is an internationally registered brand.

The FireGirls™ website unifies original pictures and video clips of well known models and shooting stars. The unique FireGirls™ style and its presentation combined with outstandingly high quality standards for models and crew create an inimitable experience. FireGirls™ produces as well a range of collectibles e.g. wall calendars and posters. FireGirls™ and its models are present in national and international media.